Private Tutoring

The Holistic Learning Center (HLC) has launched itself through a Private Tutoring initiative which aims to assist students on an individual basis in improving their performance in specific subjects, academic tasks such as writing or reading, and overall broaden their skills in tackling their personal learning and understanding in classrooms. Presently, HLC caters to a number of students, of varying ages, stages academic development and overall proficiency. Regardless, our motto holds true, as HLC is primarily concerned with “Making Time for You”. This is why we’ve designed our services to be completely tailored to our students’ needs, priorities and budget.

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What is offered?

As mentioned previously, our tutoring services involve subject-specific option as well as skills-based tutoring in areas such as reading, writing, comprehension and general homework assistance. The latter of these services is geared toward Primary School students while tutoring in particular subjects is targeted to Secondary School students, writing the CSEC and CAPE/GCE examinations.

  • Currently HLC has students enrolled in Geography, Creative Writing (for SEA examinations), Remedial Reading and Writing (Std. 2) and Academic Writing (for University level).
  • References can be provided upon request to interested clients – please contact us for more information.

Where are Tutoring Sessions held?

Currently, HLC offers private tutoring primarily at students’ place of residence (in-house tutoring) in the presence of a parent/guardian, or can be conducted at a mutually convenient location.
We’ve realized that many student’s prefer working at a comfortable, familiar location and moreover that parent’s really appreciate that our services are “mobile”. In this way HLC offers the best of both worlds: private, uniquely tailored tutoring at a convenient location!

Of course, for those clients who would like to hear about our other options, HLC also offers two (2) other locations for tutoring. IMG_20151106_164036043_HDRCurrently we are partnering with a local business in St. Joseph (Trinidad), Design Engineering Services Limited, who grants us use of their conference room and other facilities. These include an air conditioned classroom, multimedia and white board, clean washroom facilities all housed on a safe and secure compound. If clients would like this option, we can definitely talk about it prior to meeting, as we would have to reserve use of the compound.

Curepe Venue 2H.L.C. also uses a small classroom at our registered location, at #1 Rapsey Street, Curepe (Trinidad). This venue is ideal for one-on-one sessions and is equipped with all necessary classroom facilities.



H.L.C.’s Free Consultation Sessions

HLC offers free consultation sessions prior to any commitment to tutoring services. In other words, we want to make sure that this service is as good a fit for our clients as it is for HLC. We value your opinions and getting to know you as our student as this is more than a job for us. Read more about our free consultation sessions here!

Cost of Tutoring Sessions

The cost of tutoring sessions vary on subject material, hours of teaching and can be adjusted based on the budget of our students. Please contact us for more information this! Most clients follow an hourly rate and payment is collected at the end of each session for bookkeeping purposes.

What is the Format of Tutoring Sessions?

We are extremely flexible with these details, as our priority is education and enhancing the students we cater to. We hold the well being of our students in high regard, and take a fully collaborative approach with both parent and student. Our classes are based around understanding and fostering critical thinking and as such rarely will students be required to sit for hours writing notes or memorizing information.

Our system is simple: during teaching sessions, students will engage in interactive sessions, utilize multimedia technology and focus solely on understanding and internalizing what is taught. After teaching is over, both students and parents are sent supplementary materials, notes and take home assignments which will assist in out-of-class learning and revision.

At the Holistic Learning Center, we do only a fraction of the work. The bulk of learning takes place external to the classroom, during revision and practice periods. This is why we at HLC aim to involve parents as much as possible, communicating as much as possible and ensuring that any noteworthy information or observations about students are passed on to parents.

Contact Us Today!

This is just the first of many initiatives HLC aims to launch. We are a relative new company, aiming to enhance the quality of education that students receive, which raising awareness about education related debates and issues, encouraging our audience to constantly question and shape their educational experience. We believe that everyone has the ability to achieve academically, regardless of age, educational background, learning styles or speeds. Our motto is “Making Time for You” – and we intend to do just that!

To set up a free consultation and find out what tutoring options are available for you, please contact us via:

Until next time!



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