Company Policies

Section 1: Fee Payment Policy: 

1.1 Prior to sessions, Clients are made aware of the cost per hour of tutoring and the total cost per week of his/her session(s).

1.2 Payment for sessions are usually collected weekly by the Tutor. If Clients wish to pay on a monthly basis, other arrangements can be made with the Tutor.

  • For weekly payment: the Client can pay by cash and payment can be made at the end of the tutoring session(s) for the week.
  • For monthly payments: the Client can pay by cash, cheque or bank transfer at the beginning of each month (unless otherwise informed). Please note that cheque and bank transfer payments are not accepted for weekly payments.

1.3 Upon payment, an e-receipt will be generated and emailed to the Client which confirms that the date and time of sessions for said week/month, that payment was received and also includes a summary of the work covered in each session.

1.4 Fees are expected to be paid on time. Clients may inform the tutor in the event that payment will be late. Consideration of late payment will be acknowledged on a case-by-case basis.

1.5 It is the responsibility of the Client to ensure that fees are paid on time, and in full. Delinquent payments will be brought to the attention of the Client by the Tutor verbally and in written form, after which, should payment fail to be cleared, legal action will be taken.

1.6 Payments will only be deferred for one (1) week total providing that rescheduling and cancellations adhere to relevant policy stipulations. If the rescheduled or cancelled session is missed again, regardless of the reason, payments for that session will be held as compensation for the tutor’s time.

Section 2: Scheduling Policy

2.1 During initial Free Consultation sessions with interested clients, the Tutor will inform the Client of available sessions. Scheduling of sessions depends on both the availability of the Tutor and Client.

2.2 The occurrence of a Consultation session does not guarantee the Client tutoring sessions as one of the purposes for holding a consultation is to evaluate the Client’s needs and availability, and the ability of the Tutor to cater to the Client.

2.3 If Clients wish to schedule classes in addition to what was agreed upon during the Consultation session, the Tutor will evaluate this on a case-by-case basis. Fees for this session will be accepted separately from weekly or monthly payments.

2.4 Holistic Learning Center has different schedules which are coordinated to Client’s availability during the school term, and during vacation periods. During the latter, daytime classes are offered as opposed to during the school term. The Tutor will contact Clients two (2) weeks before the end of the school term to schedule vacation classes during the daytime. These classes are not mandatory but rather is a measure put in place by Holistic Learning Center to ensure that Clients get the most out of tutoring sessions year-round. The responsibility rests on the Client to book sessions once notice of available days and times is given.

2.5 All sessions (during the school term and vacation periods) are “first come first serve”. Booking of sessions can be done before hand and are fixed (unless otherwise notified).

2.6 In the event that the Tutor does not have a session available for interested Clients, said Client has the option to be added to a wait-list and will be contacted as soon as a session becomes free. The wait-list is ordered by need, and as a result the Tutor reserves the right to give preference to those students who are in greater need of academic intervention.

Section 3: Cancellation Policy:

3.1 If a Client cancels a session less than 24 hours prior to the session, the Client is liable to pay 100% of the cost of the missed session.

This cancellation policy is non-negotiable. Full fees for the session will be invoiced to clients via email and can be paid during the Client’s next session.

3.2 For Clients who cancel 24 hours or more in advance of a session, with an acceptable reason (see Absenteeism Policy – Section 6 for “Acceptable Reasons” for Absenteeism), no fees will be charged to the Client.

3.3 In the event that the Tutor has to cancel class under emergency circumstances, no fee will be charged to the Client for the missed session. Every effort will be made on the part of the Tutor to reschedule said session with charges applying only for the rescheduled session.

3.4 Upon receipt of all invoices, the Client is expected to clear the outstanding debt within one (1) week.

Section 4: Client Conduct Policy

4.1 Clients are expected to be fully committed to their tutoring sessions. Frequent cancellations, disrespectful behavior and a lack of cooperation with the Tutor and lack of preparedness for class will not be tolerated (see cancellation policy for further information).

4.2 The Client is expected to arrive at the Center on time and ready for sessions.

4.3 For Clients under 18 years old, any problems faced by the Tutor will be reported to parents/guardians via phone or email. For Clients over 18 years old, these concerns will be brought directly to them.

4.4 The Client is given one (1) warning after inappropriate behavior is noticed, after which subsequent violation of the conduct policy will lead to termination of sessions, effective immediately.

4.5 Holistic Learning Center reserves the right to end tutoring sessions at any time, after email or telephone communication with the Client.

Section 5: Client Privacy Policy

5.1 Holistic Learning Center collects Client’s (and, where necessary, parent’s or guardian’s) name, telephone and email contact information during our initial Free Consultation.  The Client does not have to give any information that he/she does not feel comfortable disclosing.

5.2 A Student File is then created for each Client with records of payment, progress reports and email correspondence. Holistic Learning Center does not sell, trade or transfer this information to external parties. This information is solely used to assist us in tracking student’s performance over time, keep transparent financial records and maintain correspondence between Clients, and parents/guardians.

5.3 Holistic Learning Center reserves the right to release Client and parent/guardian information only when we believe release is appropriate to comply with the law or to protect a Client’s safety.

Section 6: Absenteeism Policy

6.1 Clients will be allowed to miss a maximum of 25% of sessions per month, providing that an *acceptable reason is given.

For example, if a Client has 4 sessions per month, they can miss one session without penalty, provided that the reason for missing said session is acceptable and that cancellation is done within 24-hours of the class (see Cancellation Policy – Section 3).

6.2 If Clients miss more that 25% of sessions per month, with **unacceptable reasons, a warning will be sent via email or telephone, to encourage increased attendance and commitment to classes.

6.3 If Clients miss more than 50% of sessions per month, sessions will be required to pay every cancelled class after the 25% limit before classes can be resumed.

6.4 If Clients miss more than 75% of sessions per month, sessions will be terminated effective immediately.

6.5 Holistic Learning Center reserves the right to terminate sessions due to frequent or consistent cancellations.

*Acceptable reasons for absenteeism include: unpredictable event of nature (hurricane, tropical storm, flash flooding), death or emergency in the family, vehicular or other accident, sudden or unforeseen illness.

**Unacceptable reasons for absenteeism include: general inclement weather, forgetfulness, scheduling conflicts, failure to arrange transport to sessions, general tardiness, traffic.