H.L.C.’s Participation at U.W.I. Geography Awareness Week Career Panel

A word from Hannah Sundari Sammy, Founder and Tutor, H.L.C.

On Friday 20th November, 2015  I represented the Holistic Learning Center at the U.W.I. Department of Geography’s annual Geography Awareness Week. Many do not know this, but my degree at the undergraduate level was B.Sc. Geography and Psychology (Hons.) and as an alumni of the Geography Department, U.W.I. St. Augustine Campus I was asked to return and participate in a Career Panel. At first I wondered if my choice of  a career in education even mattered to the Geography Department however I am so happy that I participated in this initiative – after all H.L.C. is about the empowerment of student, and that’s exactly what the Center achieved today!

Throughout the day, many speeches were given, comments made and thanks expressed for the holding of such a student-centered week at the University of the West Indies Campus. One such remark that I would like to touch on was mentioned by the Hon. Franklin Khan, Minister of a new government ministry in Trinidad and Tobago: the Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government. He noted in his address to the audience that “underdevelopment occurs when nothing transformational happens in society…” and that “change needs to be conceptualized, not as incremental but as fundamental, core and quantum to a society”. I found these words absolutely empowering and extremely close to my vision for the Holistic Learning Center.

It is not my intention for the Center to ever be stagnant, only looking toward short-term gain, and quick and easy growth. Everything this company does is geared toward long-term sustainable growth not only for itself but for its students. Our practices, our business model, our goals, intentions and relationships with clients, all stem from one main principle: ensuring that education of the student is achieved, regardless. Whatever goal parents or students have must be achieved during tutoring. We have a no-nonsense policy for complacency, arbitrary teaching methods and forced learning. Our practices are sustainable, inclusive and flexible and that is why Mr. Khan’s mention of transformation spoke to me so clearly.

At H.L.C we strive to serve our clients and the community on a larger scale through the education services we offer. That is why I am extremely happy that we were able to speak a little about our work to students of the U.W.I. St. Augustine Campus today. Teaching is but one medium of achieving education – for us, student outreach through a simple conversation on a Career Panel works just as well.

Special thanks to the Department of Geography for allowing me the opportunity to speak on behalf of the Holistic Learning Center. I hope that today we were able to impact at least one student in the audience.

Until next time!




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