Evaluating Private Tutoring: Pros, Cons and H.L.C’s 3-Es

From the very beginning, the Holistic Learning Center (H.L.C.) has had to reason with a major underlying debate: why would parents, knowing that their child is attending school for approximately seven hours a day, choose to hire a tutor privately for after-school or weekend classes? What possible reason could there be to extend learning beyond traditional schooling periods, and moreover, why would they choose H.L.C. as their tutoring service provider? As a result of these questions, we thought it fitting that our readers be informed of some factors that lead to the need and demand for private tutoring options like those offered by H.L.C. and, get an unbiased idea of the pros and cons of private tutoring.

Many factors can lead to a demand for tutoring, or as it is known in Trinidad and Tobago, “lessons” (after-school classes, mainly subject specific and privately run).  holistic-educationThese include those of the institutional nature, such as increasing class sizes and student populations in schools, financial factors such as increased disposable income or a shift in spending priorities which allows money set aside for tutoring purposes, or even those related to a socio-cultural change whereby the introduction of high intensity and high-stakes examinations require supplementary tutoring to ensure that students excel.

Regardless, for private tutoring to be viable, there must be an overall perception that said tutoring is (1) effective, (2) economical, and (3) enduring.

At H.L.C. we call these the 3-E’s of successful tutoring:

  • Firstly, tutoring should be effective or efficacious in nature, in that it must result in overall improvements in the performance and confidence of the student.
  • Secondly it must be economical for clients – cost (financial and otherwise) must never outweigh the benefits of tutoring. At H.L.C. we have a standard hourly rate however we always keep an open dialogue with clients about what we can do to make tutoring options more accessible to and affordable for them. We offer convenient locations, in-house tutoring options, flexible schedules and an array of payment options which can be ‘mixed-and-matched’ to produce the best fit for our clients.
  • Thirdly, tutoring according to H.L.C. should be enduring, long-lasting or perennial in effect. At H.L.C. we encourage and urge parents and students alike to be independent and self-motivated. Our tutoring services are not meant to be a ‘crutch’ that props up a student inevitably or that keeps them forever in need of assistance. Any skills that are taught, be it subject content, academic skills,  or techniques in learning and revision, all elements of tutoring are provided in hopes that students, when they graduate our services will be self-sufficient, productive and empowering to others through education. What they learn during sessions and as a result of our tutoring is by no means meant to be kept a secret or practiced with a silo mentality but shared with classmates, and used for future holistic learning.

Arts_Design_ImageKeeping our 3-E’s in mind, H.L.C. strives through its private tutoring initiative to reach as much students as possible with a uniquely tailored, high standard and person-centered style of teaching. We see an incredible amount of merits to our service and work within the community. As our audience however, we don’t want you to take our word for it – do your own research!

For those who would like to read a bit more about the pros and cons of private tutoring please see the articles below. We found that they offered a good balance of factors to consider before making up your mind about private tutoring.

Learn about H.L.C’s free pre-tutoring consultation! Contact us to see what tutoring options are available for you:

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