Free Consultation Sessions with H.L.C.

When H.L.C. published it’s first newsletter during the month of October, the Center received a stream of supportive messages. We just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who reached out to us in one way or another. We are so grateful to our audience and clients for their kind and encouraging words as we set off on this journey to making H.L.C. a reality.

What many people notice when they get to know a bit about the Holistic Learning Center is that this is no ordinary “lessons” service. education-is-not-the-learning-of-facts-but-the-training-of-the-mind-to-thinkOur mode of operations is not about filling a classroom, charging exorbitant fees or catering to exclusive clientele. We are solely about enriching the lives of both student and parent/guardian alike through education and individual attention that the traditional schooling system does not allow for. The most rewarding thing about one-on-one sessions with students is knowing that by the end of it they feel a little more confident in themselves than they were when class first began. Nothing makes us happier than to know that the hour or two that we engaged in learning, critically thinking and questioning textbook concepts resulted in an improvement in a student’s motivation to continue learning.

This is why before clients even agree to our tutoring services, H.L.C. offers a free consultation session.  Many people have asked us what exactly this means, so we thought it fitting to take a few moments to share this with readers.

H.L.C. Free Consultation Session – An Overview

The term “consultation session” is just an elaborate way of saying “let’s have a conversation”. Delving a little deeper, here is some information we like to gain from consultation sessions:

  • Student’s Feelings Toward the Subject or Task

Many times how a student performs in a subject or task depends on his/her feelings toward it. main.h1Mental blocks, demotivation and subject or skill avoidance are just some of the byproducts of negative feelings toward the subject or task for which tutoring is required. On the other hand speaking with students about subjects they enjoy and why they enjoy it can allow tutors to implement some of those aspects into teaching the less liked subject. We aim to detach any negative cognition that students may have associated with subjects or academic tasks and replace these with, at the very least, renewed motivation toward the subject.

  • Student’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Presently H.L.C. does not offer psycho-educational assessment and diagnosis services, however this is one of the many specializations we intend to expand in the future. We mention this as sometimes difficulties in school may result from1359570242325 learning disorders such as dyslexia or high anxiety levels for example. We c
urrently do not offer an avenue for diagnoses such as these. For now however, our consultation session aims to derive student’s perception of their own strengths and weaknesses as it pertains to classroom learning which will in turn inform our teaching methods. More importantly, it will also give us insight into the student’s perceptions of themselves, how they verbalize their talents and
downfalls and how exactly they see themselves improving.

  • Student’s Unique Learning Style and Preferred Classroom Dynamic

During the session, students will be asked about how they prefer to learn
information. No matter the age of the student, we find that each10289428 and every one of
them know what they like and do not like. Some students love taking notes, others like to see pictures. Some like movies or diagrams while others prefer reading and research oriented learning.  In the same way, we have noticed that some student’s have particular feelings toward their classroom setting. Some like their parents to be present, while others do not. Some like to use the computer or other technological devices while others like the pen-and-paper approach. Our aim is to suite the student, tailored to student’s needs and the style of learning and teaching that works for them and provide them with a setting that makes them comfortable.

  • Parent’s/Guardian’s Reason for Seeking Tutoring, Expectation of Sessions and Perception of the Student’s Performance

Of course we can’t leave the parents out of the discussion – this is about you as much as it is about your child/guardian! We like to get an idea of why parents/guardians sought tutoring, what their expectations are and what they believe the problems may be in the student’s performance.
expectations (2)The reason for this is that these insights are our eyes into the student’s school and home situation. We like to know a little about how teachers in school are teaching, what assignments or exams are coming up that may focus our tutoring, what they’ve noticed in the student’s overall functioning in an academic environment and also what their own opinions are of what can help. Very often we find that parents/guardians know exactly what needs to be done, they just need a little help from us in implementing it.

  • Deciding Date, Time and Venue of Tutoring Sessions and Developing a Tutoring Action Plan

Finally we get to setting up tutoring sessions. If all goes well during the consultation and parents/guardians are happy with our services, we move right along to setting up a date, time, and venue for sessions that is convenient. H.L.C. offers in-house tutoring options which involves us meeting students at their place of residence. In this setting student’s are comfortable, tutors often work under the supervision of a parent/guardian and overall convenience is a huge pull factor to this option. Upon request other arrangements can be made of course, but conditions do apply depending on what final decision is made about the location of classes.


The “action plan” is simply a strategy for each session based on the information received. This depends on the overall expectation for tutoring sessions directed toward taking students successfully through to an examination will of course be differently planned from those concerned with improving skills such as reading or writing.

We aim to take all information received during consultation sessions and create a best-fit tutoring session for students. Education works best when it’s collaborative, and that’s exactly what H.L.C.’s free consultation session aims to do.

Contact us today to set up a consultation and find out what tutoring options are available for you:

Until next time!



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