Presently the Holistic Learning Center (HLC) offers private tutoring options to Primary and Secondary level, and Adult students.We currently specialize in remedial education services (specific to reading and writing literary), and examination preparation for CSEC and CAPE studies. In the future we hope to branch off into educational testing, assessment and diagnosis of special educational needs.


Our registered business address and place of tutoring is #1 Rapsey Street, Curepe.

The Mind behind H.L.C

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Hannah Sundari Sammy founded the Holistic Learning Center in October, 2015. She graduated with First Class Honors from The University of the West Indies (U.W.I.), St. Augustine, with a Bachelors of Science in Geography and Psychology. During her time at U.W.I. she obtained many academic awards and was listed on the Dean’s Honor Roll twice during her undergraduate degree. Currently she is enrolled at the University of Nottingham pursuing a Masters of Arts in Special Needs Education via blended-learning. Hannah is the Founder, Visionary and Private Tutor attached to the Holistic Learning Center.

Read more about Hannah’s vision for HLC in the October, 2015 Issue of H.L.C. Monthly.

Our Motto and Approach

HLC’s motto is “Making Time for You” and it is our intention to do just that for our students. Using a multidimensional and collaborative approach, we strive to engage parents as much as possible in our tutoring services and our mode of operations prioritizes education and critical thinking rather than rote learning. We aim to assist students in realizing their potential in education and empowering them by investigating their unique learning style and encouraging them to think outside of the constraints of the classroom setting.

Using technology in teaching is an intrinsic part of our practice as such the main focus of sessions will be ensuring that students understand the material covered. Notes, past-paper assignments, slideshows and other supplementary information will be emailed post-session to allow for revision outside of class. Other documents circulated to parents include reports of students’ progress and any suggestions or observation we think parent’s should be made aware of.

Our Monthly E-Newsletter

Every month* a newsletter is compiled and delivered via email and registered mail. If you visit H.L.C. Monthly you can read more about this initiative. Primarily, the newsletter serves as a bridge between the Center, parents and students, through which we briefly discuss an issue or topic related to education and send a general update about activities related to HLC.

*Updated: Due to unforeseen circumstances, our newsletter is currently on a hiatus. Archived issues can still be viewed on the website. Stay tuned for more information.

Until Next Time!



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